1. The client (hereinafter referred to as the “guest”) is obliged to present a valid accommodation voucher and a valid identity document (identity card, passport) at the reception. The guest will also report the number plate of his / her car that will be parked in the reserved car park of the RS.
  2. On arrival, the guest pays (unless he has paid in advance) at the RS reception the price of the stay or the advance payment and other fees for the agreed services. Afterward, he will be given a card from the room or chalet and receive meal vouchers according to the type of boarding purchased. He will also be issued a parking ticket for parking car on the reserved parking lot. The parking ticket must be placed in a visible position on the dashboard of its parked car throughout the stay.
  3. Accommodation is available on the day of arrival from 2 pm to 6 pm, unless otherwise agreed in advance.
  4. At the beginning of accommodation, the guest takes over the chalet or room in the main building (hereinafter referred to as the “accommodation facility”) without any defects. Any defects, damage or missing inventory must be reported immediately at the reception of the RS. Later reported damage or missing inventory is the responsibility of the accommodated guest. If the RS accommodation facility or other equipment, chalet, room of the RS building or common areas of the RS is damaged, either negligently or intentionally, the guest is obliged to pay the damage to the RS .
  5. The guest is not allowed to accommodate more persons in the chalet or room than the number of beds.
  6. The guest may not move equipment or inventory of the chalet or rooms. Furthermore, it must not make any modifications or interventions in the el. networks, water supply or other installations. This also applies to change bulbs, lamps, etc.
  7. It is not allowed to use own electrical appliances in RS. This prohibition does not apply to devices for charging phones, notebooks or tablets and personal hygiene appliances (shavers, hair dryers, etc.)
  8. At the end of the stay, the guest is obliged to put all things in their place, to check whether all the el. equipment, close windows in chalet and rooms, further clean the kitchenette, wash dishes, wash the refrigerator, bring garbage to the containers. Leave the room and the chalet no later than 10 am (unless otherwise agreed in advance with the reception). Failure to observe the time of vacancy of the room or chalet is entitled to a contractual penalty of 200, -CZK, as compensation for the cost of changing the organizational cleaning plan.
  9. During the stay, each RS guest is obliged to:
  • Keep order in rooms, chalets and other common areas (eg restaurant, lounge, toilet, etc.).
  • Keep the night quiet from 10 pm to 6 am.
  • Save water and electricity, dispose of garbage in containers intended for this purpose.
  • After leaving the room or chalet, the client is obliged to report and pay for any damage caused and hand over the room card at the reception.
  • Do not take any food and inventory out of the restaurant.
  • On arrival at the RS restaurant, hand over the purchased and undamaged meal voucher for the day and the food to the staff.
  • Observe a strict ban on smoking in chalets, rooms and RS indoor areas. Smoking is allowed only in reserved areas and outdoor areas of the RS. The smoker is obliged to store butts only in the ashtrays.
  • Observe the strict prohibition of the distribution of fires. Firefighting is only possible in designated areas, always in the presence of an adult, and after the end of the fire its residues will be properly extinguished.
  • Follow the attractions instructions (eg playground, trampoline, etc.) provided by the RS .
  • Park your cars in the car park. Driving in front of the building is only possible for unloading and loading luggage at the time of arrival and at the end of the stay.
  • In the resort, the guest can only receive visitors (not housed) during the day, it is not allowed to spend the night without paying the stay. The guest is obliged to notify the RS receptionist of the visit. It is forbidden to freely move around the chalets, rooms or the area of the resort.
  • When visiting the RS by the non-accommodated persons in the chalet or room , the guest always inform the RS reception of this visit.
  • The restaurant’s opening hours are posted in conspicuous places nearby.
  1. It is forbidden to bring own barrels with drinks into the area. Barrel beer / limo with tapping equipment can be ordered.
  2. Access to the economic and operational areas of the RS (eg kitchen, laundry, etc.) is prohibited.
  3. Parents or adults authorized by them are responsible for the conduct and safety of their children and are fully responsible for any damages caused by the child.
  4. RS inventory (eg rackets, balls, balls, etc.) can be borrowed from the RS reception.
  5. Dogs and other animals are strictly forbidden to walk and run freely around the whole area of ​​RS
  6. The guest is obliged to secure his / her belongings in such a way that they are not stolen or damaged, including discarded items in parked vehicles.
  7. Guests note that litter bins located in each chalet or room of the main building are used for discarding sanitary items (sanitary towels, tampons, plastic sticks, etc.).
  8. It is forbidden to throw away garbage outside designated areas, contaminate the area itself and its surroundings, destroy green areas or equipment and equipment of the area RS.
  9. It is forbidden to use sound equipment or any other equipment in the RS area for private purposes that could excessively disturb and disturb other guests and residents of nearby properties (the ban also applies to excessive loud speeches of guests).
  10. The use of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances is strictly prohibited in the RS area.
  11. A guest who deliberately or through gross negligence damages RS’s property or other clients’ property, or behaves inappropriately and in violation of the Operating and Accommodation Rules, the RS is entitled to terminate his / her stay before the agreed departure date without claiming a refund for unused services.

Important phone numbers:


FIRE fighters 150



Thank you for paying attention to our Operating and accommodation rules in the holiday resort BERNOV Zátiší and wish you a pleasant and relaxing stay.