Výjimečně zavřeno

Omlouváme se našim hostům, ale v pondělí a úterý (20.3.-21.3. a 27.3.-28.3.2023) má restaurace výjimečně zavřeno. Děkujeme za pochopení

For skiing and cycling

Spring has arrived and with it beautiful sunny days. Thanks to the ideal location of our resort, guests can choose ! Currently between slopes with lots of snow or cycling trails on the banks of ponds and rivers.

Have you had enough of the slopes ? Go to skialp !



In the Ore Mountains there are not only many ski resorts, but also excellent terrains for skialp enthusiasts. If there’s enough snow (and there’s still plenty), you can roam the mountains or maybe park under a ski slope, up through the forest wilderness and down a groomed slope 🙂


New cross-country trail from Bernov

This winter season we have something new ! Thanks to the willingness and enthusiasm of local white track enthusiasts, the cross-country trail leads to Zátiší (see map).  Follow the current trail conditions here : KLM (arcgis.com)

Winter holidays in the Ore Mountains

Are you wondering where to spend your winter holiday or spring break with your family ? Come to us, to the Ore Mountains ! We have plenty of snow, plenty of sunny days, clouds of groomed riding trails and modern ski resorts in the vicinity.


For a more pleasant and faster service in our restaurant, we have purchased a Qerko for the new season 2022. With this new app, you can browse our current menu in the comfort of your own home, then order and pay for your meal in the restaurant with Qerko. And all this with just your mobile phone.

Exceptional special RAKOVAR

From 1 December until stocks run out, a special from Bakalář will be on tap at Zátiší. You are cordially invited to a beer tasting !

For lunch in the saddle

It’s not only by car or bike, but also by horse 🙂

Repaired driveway

Oops, we’re finally here! Thanks to the active approach of the Nejdek Municipal Authority, we have a new surface on the access road to  Zátiší. Thanks to that in winter our guests do not get stuck on the hill and in summer they do not “tap” bottom of their cars:)

We moved the bees to a new home!

Although in the original place next to the cottages our bees had a beautiful view and they were really close to our guests :), we decided to move the hives for the peace of bees and guests. Their new home is an apiary in a neighboring meadow full of nectar and pollen. We believe that they will be really well there and that they will bring us, the people, a lot of honey and joy.

Bees at Zátiší

Bees have moved