General Commercial and Cancellation Conditionals – holiday resort BERNOV Zátiší

General commercial and cancellation conditions (hereinafter referred to as GCCC) of holiday resort BERNOV Zátiší (hereinafter RS) govern the mutual contractual relationship between the operator of the resort – BERNOV Zátiší s.r.o., Bernov 36, 362 21 Nejdek, ID 06828213 (hereinafter referred to as the operator) and the client – physical or a legal entity that orders the stay in the RS as the client (hereinafter referred to as the client).

I.Order of stay, a contractual relationship

Order and book using our online system located at www. In case of payment by bank transfer than by phone at +420 608 500 478 from 9:00 to 20:00 or by e-mail at any time.

The essential requirements for a properly issued order or booking request are : name and surname of the client, permanent address, contact (telephone, e-mail), in the case of legal entities business name, ID, VAT number, specification and deadline of services. RS uses the personal data of the client stated in the order or booking only for the concluded contractual relationship between RS and the client.

After duly issued and placed order or booking, the client is bound by this document. Confirmation of the order or booking by RS (according to Article IV of these Conditions) creates a contractual relationship between the client and RS. RS undertakes to provide the Client with services in a confirmed scope and quality and the Client to pay the agreed price to RS. The terms of the contractual relationship apply to all persons specified in the order/booking, which the client submitted and RS confirmed.

II.Client’s rights and obligations

The client has the right:

Be sufficiently and fully informed by RS about the ordered services, ie their scope, deadline and price, for the proper provision of the ordered and confirmed (advance paid) services, before canceling the confirmed order/booking provided the cancellation conditions under Article VII., to claim defects of provided services.

The Client is obliged to:

Fully and correctly state all the essentials of the booking, pay to RS the full price for the stay by the required date, respect the regulations of the facilities it uses, carefully check the issued confirmation of the stay (advance payment) and solve any irregularities with RS.

III. RS obligations to the client

RS is obliged to:

Provide the client with important information on the ordered services, confirm the client duly ordered services. After booking to provide the client with services in the confirmed scope and quality.

In the event of cancellation from the confirmed order of services / booking by the client to pay no later than 14 days after the written receipt of the cancellation of the advance payment for services. However, if RS becomes eligible for cancellation fees, it will pay the client the difference between the advance paid and the corresponding cancellation fees.

IV.Prices of services and their payment

Prices of services provided by RS are listed at: .

V. Confirmation of stay

The confirmation of stay authorizes the Client to use the paid services for the confirmation issued by RS (by e-mail or in writing on the spot). The Client is obliged to check the correctness of the data on the confirmation given. In case of any discrepancy, the client shall immediately contact RS by e-mail .

RS requires an advance payment of 50% of the  price of the stay. For bookings made via E-mail or telephone, a deposit must be paid within 3 days of booking confirmation and at least 3 days before arrival. This deposit can be paid by bank transfer, details of the payment can be found on the order confirmation. In case of booking on – line, the deposit is paid  by  bank transfer immediately or at least till 3 days. Otherwise the reservation will be cancelled automaticaly.

VI. Check-in, deposit and fines

Upon check-in, the client will present his / her ID card, passport or other identity card at the RS reception. We will accommodate you from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm, unless otherwise agreed. Arrival after 8:00 pm a fee of CZK 200 is charged for each started hour. After completing the above formalities, the reception will accommodate the client and provide him with further information on his stay or other ordered services. Check-out is from 9:00 am till 12:00 am.

RS is entitled to charge clients the following fines – for smoking in the building 1000 CZK, a free-running animal in the whole area of ​​RS 2000 CZK, break of night rest 5000 CZK.

VII. Cancellation conditions

The client has the right to cancel the stay at any time, ie to withdraw from the confirmed order / booking of the stay under the following conditions. This withdrawal by the client (hereinafter referred to as cancellation) must be made in writing and demonstrably delivered to RS.

Cancellation conditions apply to the cancellation of a booking of accommodation, catering and other services by the client. The cancellation fee is charged due to unused capacity booking.

If the booking is canceled earlier than 60 days (inclusive) before the agreed arrival date, the cancellation fee is zero and the deposit will be returned to the client.

If the booking is canceled between 60 and 7 days (inclusive) before the agreed date, the cancellation fee is the amount of the deposit paid.

If the booking is canceled from 6 days before the agreed date of arrival to the day of arrival (inclusive), respectively, if there is no check-in on this day, the cancellation fee is 100% of the stay.

The cancellation fee will not be charged if the stay is canceled by the RS.

Cancellation of the booking can be made by the client and the RS only by e-mail or in writing. The day of cancellation of the booking is considered to be the day on which the notice of this is delivered to the RS, resp. client.

In the case of early termination or interruption of the stay without fault on the part of the RS, this obligation does not arise to return the paid price of the stay or its proportional part.

If the conditions for the return of the demonstrably paid advance (or its proportional part) are met, the RS shall return it in the way it received the advance or otherwise, if agreed with the client, within 14 days of the day the deadline begins (ie for delivery of a written cancellation to the RS).

VIII. Final Statute

These General Commercial and Cancellation Conditions are an integral part of the order of services.

The total price for the services provided will be paid based on the issued document (receipt, invoice), according to the conditions stated there.

Payment can be made by credit card or cash at the reception.

The update of the General Commercial and Cancellation Conditions comes into effect on 1.1. 2022. Changes and supplements to these terms and conditions may be modified solely in writing between RS and the client.

The Customer expressly agrees that RS Zátiší is authorized to process and retain all information and data provided to them for the purpose of order processing in accordance with the relevant generally applicable legal regulations, in particular Act No. 101/2000 on personal data protection. By ordering and paying the stay the customer expresses his / her consent to receive commercial communications of RS BERNOV Zátiší to his / her email address. This consent may be withdrawn at any time.